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Established in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd, took shape from its paper printing business. It was transformed into a professional board game manufacturer in 2008 by CEO Leon, being named officially as WinGo Games. WinGo is an international manufacturer of tabletop game materials, plastic miniatures and other game accessories covering the services of production, distribution and sales.

WinGo Games has won an excellent reputation in the board game industry by updating its production technology, adopting cutting-edge machine and delivering more specialized services. In the past 12 years, WinGo Games has served more than 500 game publishers and designers, including Pegasus Spiele (one of the largest publishers). More than 300 new titles come out from WinGo annually.

WinGo is among the first to combine production and sales (F2C model) in the game industry in 2014 with its own manufacturing factory set in Huizhou, China. WinGo provides one-stop service with as much as 150 senior engineers working to help with its production, customer service and project management. From 2020 on, WinGo will spare no effort in providing one-stop service of tabletop game manufacturing to better serve our partners with more comprehensive business solutions.


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Leon Lau

Once an R&D engineer in a British company. Founder and CEO of WinGo Ltd. 20 years of sales experience in the industry. Great business talent with a solid reputation for achieving corporate growth objectives by providing strategic directions, diverse perspectives, and positive leadership. Improves orgnizational efficiencies and sustainable revenue while reducing costs.

Proven operations strategist with a track record in leading complex improvement initiatives and applying solid technical, reseach and analytical abilities.

Peter Khun

25 years of experience in the international market. CEO of 3 companies. Good at providing marketing solutions

Asuki Nakanishi

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hiroyuki Okinoi

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WinGo'S In-House Engineers

WinGo’s professional  game engineers are leading experts in the industry, they know the inside and out of how a board game is made. They can help you with planning your project down to the very last detail. And they are always ready for questions related to your project. Ask anything and you will get an answer within 24 hours.


"The sales supervisor and also senior project engineer at WinGo. I have been working in international trade since 2015, I am good at tailoring programme to customers, growing and achieving win-win with customers!”


"Joining WINGO since 2016. Responsible for over 100 game projects, good at providing relevant solutions from plane to prototype expression of games, experienced in shipping.”


"Senior Project Engineer at WinGo more than 5 years, professional & efficient, received lots of good WOM, well know the entire process about how to make a game, specilized in optimizing game option and minimizing manufacturing cost. ”

Our Facility

With an increasingly bigger overseas market, WinGo has expanded three times with more production lines, warehouses, latest machines and offices. We have enough ability to meet the demand for world-class board game publishers.

In 2020,WinGo established a new independent marketing&business centre to facilitate board game production worldwide—-an essential move for WinGo to realize whole chain operation.

Checking the colors coming off the printing machine

Workers staying busy on the assembly line

Giving the production process a full inspection

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No.30 9 Flat/Rm Block Floor Lee King Industrial Building 12 Ng Fong Street San Po Kong Kowloon

Hong Kong, China.

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