1. Consultation & Quotation

We will answer any question you might have regarding board game production; your answer will be provided in a professional and timely manner. 1 on 1 consultation with our team of seasoned experts is resourceful and absolutely free, you will receive the most reasonable and economical proposal. Your quotation request will be answered within 24 hours. Using the quote form on our site, you will receive an initial quote form for pricing, prototyping and production, this helps saving time in early stage of production. After our professional engineers run this through more detailed calculations, you will receive a complete quote form. We can also provide a full cost break down on everything, to help you stay within your budget.

If you’re not familiar with the process of how a board game is made, please visit our workshop for a detailed instructional video.

2. Prototype & Production

After receiving your design files, we will produce a prototype for your review. The prototype will be made with digital printing and automatic cutting technology, with approaching 90% accuracy to the final version, to guarantee an effective examination on the qualities of material, structure and color. And the prototype is perfectly eligible for promotion and review purposes.

After getting your confirmation, we will begin mass production, 95% of the process is under our control, to ensure your project can be completed with less production time, more flexibility, and higher quality.

3. Quality Assurance & Certification

Through GMG color management system and multiple screens of internal quality check, we can guarantee less than 1% of defective product entering the market. During the production process, we will keep you updated with pictures, videos and other formats about the status of your project. We also welcome you to come and visit the factory in person for full inspection, so your final product can meet your requirements.

If any third party approval or certificate is required, we can also help monitoring the testing process, all part of our high quality service at below market price.

4. Components & Accessories

One of our biggest advantages is our strong purchasing department and supplier chain, providing over 480 different types of game components made of different materials and crafting techniques.

No matter what your component demand is, we will meet the requirements with the most reliable quality and most competitive price.

5. Miniature Modeling

The rising demand of miniatures in board games is the reason why we’re making this our top priority.

We have many successful cases from our past that we can draw experience from, and our professional modeling engineers can help you solve all miniature production related problems, from 3D design analysis to prototyping, from molding to mass production, even packaging design, our team will provide the most reasonable proposal, presenting the highest visibility of your design details.

6. Storage & Shipping

After production is finished, we also provide the necessary storage and shipping services. Our over 3000 square meters warehousing space can provide free storage for 1 month, leave you more than enough time to make shipping arrangements. At the same time, we also provide lower than average price storage options for clients who need long term storaging. Our shipping solutions cover more than 60 countries and regions; we can also meet any type of shipping demand, including: EXW, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDU, etc.

Besides this, we also provide international shipping services for small packages in Kickstarter Campaign, to satisfy your fulfilment needs the best we can.

Paper Shortage is coming... but no need to panic

Don’t you just hate it when your printer runs out of paper? Well, there’s a similar situation happening in the paper industry right now. Due to the recent rising price of source material, and tightened environmental policies, many paper factories in China were forced to close their operations entirely. This has resulted in a rise in manufacturing price and delay of delivery across the board game business. Many board game manufacturers simply couldn’t meet the production demand of paper simply because they couldn’t get enough supplies. But at WinGo we still have sufficient supply of paper in stock to fulfill the needs of our current production plan. But keep in mind, our stock is plenty but not infinite, so we urge all our clients to plan their production early to ensure their projects can be taken care of before the paper runs out.

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happy 13th anniversary!

WinGo Games has been a leading expert in the board game industry for over 13 years! Bringing over 7000 titles to gamers worldwide, produced over 6 million games. Keep breaking records and setting new standards in many fields leading the industry. Every year we take this moment to celebrate our birthday with our fans and partners, together we will have a brighter future making better board games, thus making a better world.

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Furnace burning hot at the Aw-Shux Online this weekend

Hobby World, the publisher from Russia is presenting Furnace at the Aw-SHUX event this weekend online. WinGo, as the proud manufacturer of Furnace attended the event showing support. We are happy to announce that the English, German, and Spanish editions for the Game are all packed and ready to leave the factory, they will be in the hands of players soon. The other languages are still standing by, once the last round of checking is done, they will be on their way too.

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WinGo Games 2021

WinGo Games are proud to announce a highly productive year of 2020 despite the rough situations. We’re looking forward to an even better year in 2021., with new members joining the team and an overall equipment upgrades in our facilities. 

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WinGo Education Center established

The newly established WinGo Education Center aims to bring more insights of the board game industry to fellow game designers and independent publishers. We intend to better serve this incredible community by sharing our professional knowledge and experience with a focus on manufacturing. We’re hoping  more people can benefit from this generous gesture and start their own venture into the world of board gaming and fulfill their dreams.

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