How to Make a Board Game

This video demonstrates the basic steps of making a board game. And if you have any questions, one of our professional engineers would be happy to answer them!

Get a Quote for your project

As you already know, manufacturing a board game can get expensive, which is why you don't want to plan the budget yourself. Our expertise and professional experience can offer you a perspective and help keeping the budget under control. Just provide the basic information about your project and get an accurate estimate on the cost.

Procedures & Pipeline


We will provide you with a prototype guaranteed with a 90% resemblence of the final version. For review, playtesting and promotional purposes, this copy will get you the results you want. High quality prototype will always leave people with a good impression of your game.


The design files we receive may not always be in the right format, that's why last minute editing is required before printing. Our in-house professional engineers will help getting your design files ready for final printing. And we will make sure your game design looks good both on file and in real life.

Quality Assurance

During mass production, our quality assurance team will keep checking every step of the way. Any defects or misprints will be discovered early and avoided. The inspection process is thorough and delicate, to make sure your products have the highest industry quality.


Your games are packed nice and neat, sitting on pallets ready to go. We can keep them in our spacious warehouse for 1 month while you getting your shipping arrangements in order. We can also help you making those arrangements with various shipping methods that you choose.

Download WinGo Templates

Our engineers have prepared templates for boxes, cards, dice, game boards, player screen, token board, etc. Or ask our in-house designers to create customized templates exclusively for your project!

Upload Design Files

Upload your Design Files to let our engineers review them for you. We will provide modification suggestions for you to consider. Max file size: 32Mb

Want to see your game made? Come visit us!

The best way to check on your project is always seeing it with your own eyes. If when you can’t physically be here, our engineers can help you examining the products through streaming services.

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