All About the Board Game Furnace

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Since too many friends want to know more about the board game Furnace pubished by Hobby World and manufactured by WinGo Games. Here let’s show your more details.

Furnace is a recent collaboration project between WinGo Games and Hobby World. The production has  been completed in June, and it is expected to meet with the players this summer. Hobby World is a very high-volume publishing house in Russia. Their professional level played a key role in promoting the progress of the project. They saved a lot of time in the pre-press stage and ensured that the project was completed on schedule.

Hobby World also mentioned the exquisite workmanship of WinGo Games on social media, and we are very happy during this cooperation.

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In the live broadcast of Aw SHUX, Robert of Arcane Wonders made Furnace’s unpacking video. In the video, it was mentioned that the die-cutting of Furnace’s token board is very clean, and the card pad can be perfectly stored and other advantages. Making all the audience in the live broadcast room can’t wait to get ones.

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On the next day, Robert and Julia from Hobby World had a Live Play interaction on Tabletopia. After that, three lucky viewers were selected from the more than 2,000 live viewers on Twitch, and each presented a set of Furnace. See the video below for details.

The success of this project has laid a more solid foundation for the cooperation between the two companies. In the future, we will jointly create more and more exciting board game projects for everyone.