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Join with us at SPIEL ESSEN 2023!

In 2023, we have faced many obstacles and problems, and we still have made huge progress although in such a tough time. As the world‘s largest visitor fair for board games, we are extremely excited to meet many of you guys at Spiel!

Our booth number is 4G112. click here to book a time with us at SPIEL ESSEN now!

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wingogames.com. See you all in Norbertstraße.

Attending GEN CON 2023-WinGo Games

After our GAMA and Origins Game Fair Trips in US, WinGo Games is attending GEN CON 2023 on 3rd to 6th Aug. soon! We are looking forward to seeing your guys and will continue to bring you board game dreams come true.

If you have any idea to talk about your game, welcome to book an appointment by this link, and don’t hesitate if you need to contact us through email info@wingogames.com.

See you at Origins Game Fair 2023!

We’re ready to have a meeting with you guys at Origins Game Fair 2023!

Our booth number is Room A121. Click here to book an appointment with our team at Origins 2023.

If you have any questions or inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or send an email to info@wingogames.com to schedule your appointment with us. Meet you all soon in Columbus! 

WINGO GAMES  shareholders meeting successfully launched

Dear Friends,
Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of WinGo Industry Ltd and the 1st Annual General Meeting of WinGo Ventures Limited Partnership! WinGo Games is committed to creating an open, inclusive, and innovative work environment for its employees, where they are encouraged to develop freely, experiment bravely so as to achieve a co-progressing together with the company. If you want to join us, please contact us and send an email to info@wingogames.com !

Let’s meet at UK Games Expo 2023!

We hereby sincerely invite you and your
company representatives to meet with WinGo Team at UK Games Expo from Jun. 2nd to 4th 2023. WinGo team members are bringing up warm wishes from us, and will meet up with you in NEC!
If you have any questions or inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or send an email to info@wingogames.com to schedule your appointment with us. Look forward to meeting you soon in Bermingham!

Meet up with WinGo at GAMA EXPO 2023!

Dear Friends,
WinGo team will be present at GAMA EXPO 2023 and we are excited to meet you all!As an artisan with 15 years of experience in board game manufacturing, we can’t wait to join this massive feast for board game fans around the world.
If you have any upcoming projects or manufacturing plans, just drop us an email via info@wingogames.com to make an appointment in advance!

Be Flourishing in 2023

2022 has been a unique and challenging year. Thank you for your support and love over 2022.

In 2022,with your great care and support, as well as the diligent efforts of our staff, we have achieved excellent results one after another with our quality engineering and good reputation…

WinGo Games invite you at Essen Spiel 2022

Dear Friends,

Excited to let you all know SPIEL 2022, WE ARE BACK! After three years, WinGo is back! 

As a 14 years experienced artisan in board game manufacturing, we can’t wait to join in this world’s largest feast for board game lovers around the world. 


WinGo Games at Gen Con

WinGo Games in Gen Con 2022

Dear friends and customers,

There is nothing or very little that is new in the world, the important thing is the different and new position in which an artist finds himself considering and seeing the things of so-called nature and the works that have preceded or interested him. And WinGo tries to make it from its works to tabletop games in the real world, transfer love and happiness.

WinGo Games in UKGE 2022

Dear friends and customers, we’re happy to let you know that after 2 years away from conventions because of the COVID, WinGo Games will enjoy our tour of UK Games Expo again for 2022, two of our representatives are bringing up warm wishes from us and will meet up with you in NEC!

WinGo Commendation Meeting Successfully Ending

In March 2022, WinGo successfully completed the 2021-2022 summary work of various departments including the financial department, production department, marketing department, etc, establishing the mission of each department, arranging the development plans, and managing the plans for 2022-2023. Meanwhile, the outstanding departments and outstanding employees of the previous year have been awarded. Let’s congratulate them! In addition, the May day is coming, WinGO wish you enjoy the holiday!

Happy IWD!

Since the establishment of WinGO Games, we have been adhering to the mission of building a world-class board game manufacturer enterprise, with the vision of helping clients solve problems, becoming your Game Artisan, continuously shining & fevering in the board game maker industry. We also wish every girl a Happy International Women’s Day!


Good-luck of Beginning!

Having completed the CNY holiday, WinGo Games officially resumes work today. We will continue to provide customers with the best service, thanks for everyone’s efforts and support, and wish everyone the best of luck and prosperity in the new year!

Happy China New Year!

CNY is the Chinese Lunar New Year. As the most grand and lively traditional festival, we will take a holiday from 2022.1.29 to 2022.2.06, and return on February 7th. WinGo Games will continue to improve our quality and service on the basis of 2021, keeping the original intention in mind, working ahead in 2022, and always putting the needs of customers and partners in the first place!

WinGo Games Wishes Partners A Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! As a leading board game manufacturer, WinGo Games wishes all our partners to stay healthy and business prosperous!

BIg Work with Machina Arcana!

WinGo Games cooperation with Juraj! Big work about Machina Arcana! Leader of the board games manufacturer!

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The 6th DICE CON was successfully concluded, opening a new chapter with WINGO

Hello, dear board game lovers! Due to the epidemic, the sixth DICE CON, which was postponed for more than a year, was held from October 23rd to 25th in Beijing, China. WINGO will take you to review the overview of this exhibition! 

Make Game Boards Manufacture's Production Line Smoothly

In the past 13 years, WinGo Games has served more than 500 game board publishers and designers, and annually we manufacture more than 300 new games. How we manage to maintain highly efficient production and make sure our products’ quality is perfect – our production director Duan, Chi-Qun and the whole company teams are the main roles to help to achieve.

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8 Steps to Make Your Board Game Miniatures

Nowadays, more and more designers would like to use board game miniatures for their games. But you may have many concerns of the process and don’t know how to start from beginning. No worries, WinGo will show you how a miniature is created from nothing, just follow the 8 simple steps.

How to make board game miniatures?

3D board game miniatures are increasingly used in board games. As a market trend, more and more designers are fond of using 3D miniatures in their games. Maybe you will be in awe as you are not familiar with their production process. Don’t worry about this, WinGo will tell you how miniature dolls are made from scratches!

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board game maker/board game manufacturer/custom board game/Furnace

All About the Board Game Furnace

Since too many friends want to know more about the board game Furnace pubished by Hobby World and manufactured by WinGo Games. Here let’s show your more details. Furnace is a recent collaboration project between WinGo Games and Hobby World. The production has  been completed in June, and it is expected to meet with the players this summer. Hobby World is a very high-volume publishing house in Russia. Their professional level played a key role in promoting the progress of the project. They saved a lot of time in the pre-press stage and ensured that the project was completed on schedule.

Say Goodbye to Sea Shipment Difficulty

Hey! It Is Time to Say Goodbye to Sea Shipment Difficulty. If you can not get a container on time at a reasonable freight cost from your shipping agent. Do remember to talk to your WinGo project engineers. WinGo Games will offer better choice and strong support to help you through the sea shipment trouble.

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Texture Makes Board Games More Impressive

Texture makes board games more impressive. Thus a wonderful board game should never neglect the texture of the game board, player board and the game indicator. Besides, it can also best reflect the board game maker‘s manufacturing expertise level. From the perspective of a board game manufacturer, WinGo will interpret this topic from the three aspects of materials, surface treatment and craftsmanship.

How to make a card game?

How to make a card game? Here is everything you should know. We will share the materials, sizes, special treatments, technology of card game manufacturing. This may be the simplest guide on how to make a card game ever. Check it!

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wingo games-board game companies-board game maker-custom board game-ICE COOL

Is the box only packing of the board game?

Whenever players gets a new game, they eagerly unpack it, feel the exquisite accessories inside and enjoy the joy of the game while ignoring instead the box that first comes into their view. Put the box aside. It seems to be the tragic fate that every game box will go through. But today I want to speak for boxes and tell their story.

What is never accurate from board game makers?

You will be astonished but it is unnecessary to doubt the ability of the custom board game makers to fix it. It is a technical problem that can never be avoided during the manufacturing of board games or the card game printing production.

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How to make your custom board game more attractive?

What do you think is the most important thing to make a custom board game attractive? Surely the custom board games should firstly be good-looking. But how to? Here are four commonly used technical can help to fulfill our target. Each one has its unique purpose. You just need to make good use of them. Then you will make your custom board game as attractive as you want.

What Makes your board game printing look ugly?

What makes your custom board game printing look ugly? Designers and printing engineers are borne rivals during the custom board game printing. While designers think it to be ugly, the latter thinks it to be ok. WHY?

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wingo games-board game maker-custom board game

What Are the Key Points of Custom Board Games?

There are many points in deciding if a custom board game is successful or not. As a successful lovers relationship with its key points, board games have theirs. There are many new board game companies that pour into the board game manufacturing industry every year. Seldom of them can succeed in operating a custom board game. As a professional game card maker with 13+ years’ expenrience, we are willing to help as many new coming board game companies as possible.

WinGo Games The Leading Board Game Maker From China

WinGo Games is the first choice of the board game manufacturer that offers high quality board game productions. To contribute our expertise manufacturing experience and even to help the board game industry go thriving, WinGo event produces the board game designer kit to help the industry. The exciting and durable kits are manufactured with durable materials that provide long-lasting performance and are resistant to all kinds of wear and tear.

Five Tips to Make a Successful Board Game for a New Publisher

Board game and card game industry is a very interesting career. More and more enthusiast players turned into card game publishers or board game publishers. We will separate these greenhand publishers into two types: the Designer Publisher and the Non-designer Publisher.

WinGo’ s Review of the Board Game Industry Analysis 2021

As the leading playing card maker and the board game maker in the gaming industry, we are not only innovative with the production skill, but also keep a keen view about the board game industry trends. Here shares some of our reviews.

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