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WinGo is a team of dedicated board game lovers and professional engineers. Our goal is to help all game publishers and developers to make their games come true. Here are some of them sharing their experience about working with WinGo.

Alan Griffin - Discover Cards

My game here, some talk about two things today, just respected to WinGo Games. Obviously, there’s a number of things that have impressed me. With this company over the last 2 years. There’s two things I just like to focus on. At first. Clearly, right from the first engagement has been there level of professionalism, framing this, and ultimately that desire to create a long term business partnership, which I wasn’t seeing from other applicants in the rfp process that I was running.

Ogawa - CGCG Studio HD Inc

I’m Ogawa, the producer of OXtA cube. I really appreciate WinGo’s help in producing the OXtA. There are 4 key success factors in WinGo,
1, Fast communication response
2, Reasonable  price
3, Advice from WinGo’s experience
4, And the quality control

Álvaro - Within Play Editorial

Today I want to take to you about the experience with WinGo Games as our manufatcuter. We have been working with them since 2019, from the first edition of Kurruf
How important is their concern to get to the best result as possible. We will surely continue to work with them form now on.

Hedvig & George - Bohema Games

WinGo has been cooperating with Bohema Games for more than 5 years. As George said, he always hands over the project to WinGo and we always set his mind 100% at rest whether it is the suggestion of production and components, shipping of different language versions, or the quality of games!

Frank Noack - Happyshops

Frank is Co-Founder of Happyshops GmbH and L+N GmbH, we have had many cooperation projects such as [Side Quest], [The King Is Dead], [Der Perfekt Moment], [King of 12], [Council of 12]. As the video shows, WinGo Games has brought a good experience to our partener in terms of quality, service, and efficiency!

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Carly Fahey-Dima - GracePoint Publishing

GracePoint Publishing is the premier publishing house for leaders, teachers, and creatives. Carly highly praised our quality, more than they asked for. In terms of shipping, WinGo has solved a lot of problems and pushed the progress of the project well. Looking forward to more cooperation, and thank GracePoint Publishing’s support!

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Manuel De Urruticoechea - Morsa Games

Manuel is the Co-Founder & Art Director of Morsa Games. As Manuel mentioned, WinGo Games is always helpful because of our fast response and thoughtful insights as well the high quality. Wish [Chute] great sales! As the leading board game manufacturer, we are always welcome and look forward to more cooperation! Big thanks to Manuel!

Rodger Deering - Groovus Games

Rodger Deering is a talented creator of Dungeon Crusade and the founder of Groovus Games Unlimited. We have worked together for 10+years. Dungeon Crusade has become a big IP of the board game industry. Cheers for the long live partnership.

Jashen Josson - JCA Advisory Enterprises

JCA Advisory Enterprises is such a great publisher. They have so many great board games winning the hearts of gamers. Together we have worked 6+ years. Of which Christmas Eve has become a must-play board game in gamers’ families during Christmas. However, it is so interesting that more and more gamers actually play it all year long.

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Christopher Sheffield - Sheffield Games

Sheffield is a game designer and the CEO of Sheffield Games, a new company. [Big Fish] is his first game. As he said in the video, WinGo has helped a lot and more than manufacturing. The product is always good quality and the communication is timely and everything is efficient. Looking forward to more cooperation, thank you, Sheffield!

Eric Robertson - Game That Song

Game That Song is an amazing game publisher. We have worked on five projects, including [Game That Song], [Name That Puppy], [Name That Kitty], [Know That Couple], [Game That Song Gen X]. [Game That Song] won 300% crowdfunding from Kickstarter in 2019.

Fred - OkiDonki

Fred is an excellent board game designer from OkiDonki. We have worked with each other for 5+ years. Together we’ve made several successful games such as [Rat Runs!], [Dig Dig Deep], [Bible Line-up], [Aniballoon] etc. As Fred said, we will be win-win partners all the time.

Allister Knight - Creative Ink Media LTD

Creative Ink Media LTD is a wonderful board game publisher. Their games are extremely popular all over the world. Together we have worked for 5+ years and several amazing games such as [Doh Say Dat]  [Doh Say Dat Music]  [Doh Say Dat Kids]. As Allister Knight said, there will be more excellent games in the future.

A Few Words From Board Game Publishers

We have had a great experience working with WinGo. They make a great quality product but the best part has been the communication. I have had my games printed by other manufacturers before WinGo and I ended up leaving because it took days sometimes weeks to get a response. WinGo reply next day if not the same day, this makes the experience much clearer and quicker. We look forward to continuing to work with WinGo for our future games.

Tyler - Curious Humans

Wingo is an excellent partner and our customers consistently message us with praises regarding the high quality of our games. Wingo's team has supported our company during the entire production process. Building, prototyping, shipping, testing and creating quality assurance procedures can be technically difficult. Wingo's team is always available to answer questions and will go above and beyond to make sure that your game is built exactly to your specification. I highly recommend working with Wingo Games if you are looking for a board gaming manufacturer for your business.

Douglas Beech - CEO of Jumping High FIve Games

I am very happy with the production and is very high quality, so thank WinGo Games. So glad that I chose you to manufacture the game.

Robin - Robin O'Keeffe

We’re really pleased with the first order of Chasing 7, the quality looks good and feedback has been positive.

Jim Baillie - Chasing Games Ltd

We can rely on WinGo Games to manufacture our games in various language versions without any confusion or errors across shipments going to different markets. It is always 100%.

Hedvig & George - Bohema Games

We are very satisfied with Wingo's service and production quality.

Hansa Teutonica - Pegasus Spiele

I've printed Enigma. Beyond Chaos and Deep State with WinGo. Excellent quality and I especially liked how the punchboards came out. Smooth cor solutions!

Denis Davydov - Crowd Games

Project Foxtrot is one of the more memorable projects we had done with Wingo. So far, we have received huge support in all the projects undertaken. We would like to extend a very big thank you to Wingo Management and the team for your professionalism for all these years. I must say it has been a journey since our very first project (Wongamania)!

Ashley - Capital Gains Studio

Very delicate and beautiful, pleasing to the eye! ! ! I usually take it out and look at it, like looking at art!

The Journey Master Camp Team

The texture of the coin is very good, and the heavy flash card is so handsome! Exquisite workmanship, great texture!

The Journey Master Camp Team


WinGo have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They were professional and extremely helpful, often responding to two or three emails a day. They gave us the feeling that they were committed and passionate about producing th best posssible product.

Aaron Sparke - Table Tyrant Games

Dave Justin_Coozies Games

WinGo have been very helpful with bringing Buy the Vote! to life. WinGo's communication and professionalism have been appreciated. The price is fair and they are willing to work with you.

Dave & Justin - Coozies Games


WinGo is a great partner of CUT! In the year of 2020, it was not easy to operate but WinGo helped us to go through the most difficult period and provided products with high quality.

David Malki! - CUT!


After working with WinGo on my first game I can't express how grateful I am for all of the hands on support and the final results of my product. Any time I reached out for any issues what-so-ever I was greeted with warmth and professionalism.

Greg Favro - Favro Ventures

WinGo really means Winning and Go! I started a project to produce Educational Cards for Kindergarten Chain in Japan and the help I received along the way from WinGo staff to make it a reality was absolutely fantastic!

Hanako - Azalee Basic Curriculum English Cards

Macky & Syd - SEND IT

We had a great experience working with WinGo on our first ever board game: SEND IT. The whole WinGo crew was helpful, professional and guided us through the process of taking drawings and turning them into actual board game.

Macky & Syd - SEND IT

Working the WinGo Games has been incredible. Joey Lee was there to help every step of the way on Scruffy's Treasure Hunt; she and the WinGo Games Staff offered advice and solutions, improved my game component layout, and answered every question I had.

David Jones - Scruffy's Treasure Hunt

Game That Song

The quality of the game WinGo produced was outstanding. They clearly communicated what the product would look like and what materials would be used. I have launched 5 games now with them, and each time they have either met or exceeded expectations. I have been VERY impressed with the service at WinGo.

Game That Song

With a very restricted budget and timeline and low knowledge of the production process itself, we eventually took a chance on WinGo, and we are pleased to say that it was a success.

David Costa - Saved Game

wingo games-board game maker-Boereplaas

The level of commitment, professionalism and diligence from WinGo sales team and off course the other hard-working staff behind the scenes at WinGo made board game manufacturing easy and even more easy to import board game from the Far East.

Nico Steyn - Boereplaas

WinGo has helped us get to where we need in an amazingly short amount of time. Since we worked hard to create all the content, design, and files ready soon after the pledge manager opened.

Brady Sadler - Black List Games

Dan Letzring - Letiman Games

It has been a pleasure working with WinGo. They have produced two games for me now and both have been top quality, reasonably priced, and the customer service for the production has been superb.

Dan Letzring - Letiman Games

Sara Starkström - Nicotext

We have worked with WinGo for over 10 years and are very pleased with their skill and specialized and careful work. Even if we are situated in different time zones then communication works really well, and WinGo always does their best to help us with every new project

Sara Starkström - Nicotext

Runecast would not look as beautiful as it does were it not made by WinGo. Since the beginning of this project, Charm City Games second Kickstarter, WinGo has helped answer any questions that arose during the manufacturing process.

Matt Voss - Charm City Games

The team at WinGo was professional, timely in their responses, and informative—even making suggestions for how to better package our board game. They were willing to work with us on min quantities that no one else was, and they delivered the product on time.

Will & Sara - Tantrum House

Tykhe Dice

I worked with WinGo on my project Tykhe Dice this year. I found them to always be helpful and looking after my best interests. The Quality of the product has lived up to expectations and their delivery times were efficient and as agreed.

Paul Birkeland-Green - TheHoodedMan Ltd

WinGo is a fantastic company to work with and I'm very happy to have found them as I was working to complete my Kickstarter for the WEB OF SPIES board game. Not only were they very responsive, but also patient and helpful throughout the process.

Cole Medeiros - The Gubs Guy

WinGo has proven to be a very solid solution for us at The Flux Capacity for our game printing needs! With our first game now complete, we are looking forward to working with WinGo in the future.

Josh Bricker - The Flux Capacity

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