Is the box only packing of the board game?

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Whenever players gets a new game, they eagerly unpack it, feel the exquisite accessories inside and enjoy the joy of the game while ignoring instead the box that first comes into their view. Put the box aside. It seems to be the tragic fate that every game box will go through. But today I want to speak for boxes and tell their story.

There are many types of boxes. The most common ones are called the lid and bottom box, which is easier to understand. Take the price of the lid and bottom box as a benchmark; 

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There are cheaper ones, including airplane boxes and double-insertion boxes and cheaper ones such as drawer boxes, book magnetic button boxes, etc. Distinguished by materials, there are plastic boxes, wooden boxes, and iron boxes. Since there are so many different types of boxes, how should designers choose the right box for their games? WinGo here recommends the following measurements to help you choose:

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1. Choose according to the included items quantities for your custom board game.

The more items your custom baord game contains, the more reliable the structure of the packing box should be. For a simple example, you will not use a tuck box to hold FURNACE, and you will not use a high-quality wooden box to hold a set of ordinary playing cards either.

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2.Choosing according to the weight of your custom board game.

The heavier your board game components are, the stronger packing box materials should be used. For example, metal coins or dice in large quantity can be held by a lid and bottom box, wooden box or iron box.

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3.Choosing according to the price strategy of your custom board game.

You can choose a drawer box or a book magnetic button box if you want your game to look fancy and classy. You can also choose a double-insertion box or an airplane box if the budget is tight as they are cost-effective.

If you are new board game designers that are still confused about which type of box to choose, you can decide the size and quantity of your custom board game first, and leave it to WinGo’s expertise solution. We will do our best to make the best choice at the lowest cost for you.

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As the most versatile option, in addition to the reasonable price, lid and bottom box can also provide good protection for board game accessories and componetnts due to the use of 1.5-2 mm thick cardboard. With exquisite drawings and variable surface treatments, it can greatly improve how your custom board game feels and looks like. Since it is such a good thing, then why do players often overlook it?

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 The reason is very simple, as most custom board game designers do not give the box “function”. They are considered simply as a pair of packaging bags. However exquisite it is, they are not part of your custom board game. Some smart board game designers have already realized this and give different functions to the box, such as printing game layout or manual on it, etc. ICE COOL is a very good example.

In addition to the box, linings are also often ignored. The main function of lining is to reduce the damage caused by collision of the game components in the box during transportation. Classified by materials, there are cardboard lining, plastic lining, pearl cotton and EVA lining. We will give further details about the cardboard lining and plastic lining here.

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The advantage of the cardboard lining lies in its low price, and it can also be printed with the theme or content of the game so that the accessories in the box can be marshalled more regularly and the box as a whole becomes more beautiful. However, limited by the time of manual-folding and craftsmanship difficulties, the cardboard lining can only be made into a regular rectangular partition. WinGo recommends to keep it within four squares. Otherwise, it will not have an advantage at price.

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Plastic lining, also known as vacuum tray, is specially designed to protect customized board game accessories, especially games with more miniatures. Plastic tray seems to have become an indispensable accessory. With its changeable shape and durability, the plastic tray can make everything in the box shipshape and Bristol fashion, improving the overall quality of the game. Designers can also give different tray functions, for example, as a game indicator box or card slot that can be used alone to making storage easy. Of course, trays are often of high cost due to their molds and materials. The production time is much longer than that of cardboard lining too. Here WinGo’s advice to designers is: in the case of a limited budget, and you can begin by choosing cardboard. After your production plan goes stable, if there is still leeway in the later stage of the project, you can choose plastic lining, or use it as a lure for crowdfunding.

So that all for today’s story of box and lining. I hope that it can be paid more attention to and welcome by more people in the future.