Make Game Boards Manufacture’s Production Line Smoothly

In the past 13 years, WinGo Games has served more than 500 game board publishers and designers, and annually we manufacture more than 300 new games. How we manage to maintain highly efficient production and make sure our products’ quality is perfect – our production director Duan, Chi-Qun and the whole company teams are the main roles to help to achieve.

Reporting directly to the WinGo Games Production Director is responsible for supporting and challenging the staffs to constantly improve and maximize the conditions for both gaming, platforms and technology projects in the factory. Furthermore, her responsibilities include:

·       Definition of best production processes and methods to reach the expected profitability, quality and deadline targets. 

·       Creation and implementation of the factory production strategy for short/medium/long term

·       Core team recruitment and monitoring (Yes! She has a super big monitor screen and over 16 cameras!) 

·       Internal production audits: 

        Assess the situation of projects on a regular basis

        Facilitate knowledge sharing both internally and externally 

        As a key member of the WinGo Games board games of Directors you will support the MD in evolving the company culture 

        Be a strategic partner to HR to support the career evolution of production departments’ staffs and help to determine how make our employees fit for the future keeping in mind our strategic product portfolio.

        Work with MD and Technology Director to determine best practices across the factory.


         Taking good care of all of workers in plant. (We provide ice-cold Chinese herb tea, snack, food at breaktime!)

Each year, especially the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holidays are one of the busiest seasons for WinGo Games board game manufacturer. All departments during these days, even Sales/ Marketing/ Purchasing/ Accounting departments all gather together to help loading cargo. WinGo Games board game maker has a strong team with high cohesion which different department helps each other. So we can always make sure we are not only making the good quality of board game product, we also make the delivery date on time.

                                                  (Happy Worker Bees from different department!)

          Salute to all the colleagues and their families who are still on the front lines during the holidays!


WinGo Games whole members wish you “Happy Holidays!”