WinGo Games Wishes Partners A Merry Christmas!

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WinGo Games

Unknowingly, it is close to the end of 2021. Although the environment is not optimistic this year, WinGo has kept moving forward. Based on the existing production line, we have purchased brand automatic card cutting machines, automatic box making machines, and automatic paper mounting machines, etc. Achieving the intelligent integration of the production line, the production efficiency has been increased three times, while also reducing production costs for our partners, ensuring the stability of quality, and providing world-class board game production solutions.

WinGo strictly controls the proofing cycle within 5-10 working days, and the lead time for mass production is within 25-30 working days! Let’s take a look at how WinGo maintains this state and continue to serve customers!

Covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters factory and owning professional shipping partners, WinGo has maintained an average of 70,000 boxes of different board games and a cumulative shipment of 5-6 containers per week in 2021! Providing customers with the best transportation solutions and offering delivery on schedule, WinGo successfully helps our partners to reduce their costs of transportation.

“Customer Priority” has always been the core concept of WinGo. Whether it is weekdays or weekends, our professional engineers will respond within 24 hours after receiving inquiries so as to ensure efficiency and timeliness. With professional communication and experience in board games, we can handle all kinds of board game manufacturing problems. See what they said?

In terms of production, WinGo provides our partners with high-quality products and shorter lead periods; in terms of service, our engineer team maintains timely and efficient communication. These factors make WinGo win the praise and recognition from customers and establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship!

As Christmas and CNY are coming soon, WinGo Games would like to extend the most sincere blessings to you! May you and everyone around you with health and pleasure and make the New Year bright! We will continue to maintain high-efficiency and high-quality production during this period. If you have production or delivery requirements recently, please contact your dedicated engineer in advance, and we will provide the best solution!