WinGo Games is the first choice of the board game manufacturer that offers high quality board game productions. To contribute our expertise manufacturing experience and even to help the board game industry go thriving, WinGo event produces the board game designer kit to help the industry. The exciting and durable kits are manufactured with durable materials that provide long-lasting performance and are resistant to all kinds of wear and tear.


      With reliable solutions and excellent service, we support board game production from customers from all over the world. With Wingo Games 13+ years’ experience in printing board games, our team is the right partner for the production of board games.

We offer you an ideal and tailor-made service from a single source for the production of board and card games, which includes marketing, worldwide operations and support. Wingo Games deserves recognition for its own factories and production lines, and this is where the trademark of a superior board game manufacturer is born. Our capital-intensive factories are equipped with many sophisticated slot machines to meet the demands of board game production.

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      We are a leading manufacturer of board games dedicated to the production of premium games at reasonable prices in China. WinGo Games is a Chinese board game manufacturer, and we are the leading board game manufacturer in China with a professional team, advanced technology and more than 500 global partners. We have earned an excellent reputation in the board game industry by constantly updating our production technology, using state-of-the-art machines and offering more specialized services.

      The 3D printed resources to find various board games and board game accessories are a great resource for learning at home and at school. WinGo has tried to collect all the 3D printable resources we could find for board games.


      From the design of individual components to the board itself, our new platform allows you to create your own board games with ease. As a manufacturer of high-quality board games, WinGo Games will team up with your partner to manage the manufacturing process and ensure that you are satisfied with your product throughout the process. Double-sided printed 3-hex card tiles are the most versatile game components 


  for most board games and provide an element of variability and strategy for table games.  

      Wingo Industries Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is a leading manufacturer of table top games from China. Although the board game market is estimated to be smaller than that of video games, it has experienced considerable growth since the late 1990s. With Game Production and Board Game Manufacturing Cards, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of OEM / ODM board games, specializing in the production of board games, miniature games, hobby games, card games, metal miniature figures, dominoes, puzzle games and miniature components, American Mahjong accessories, bingo and classic game series.


      Over the years, Essen Spiel’s Wingo Games has evolved into a top-performing international team eager to meet professional designers and board game fans. There is such a wide variety of WinGo game options that in the future we can even start playing the Wingo app on our mobile phones to keep winning.

If you are looking for a factory that makes board games, take a look at this page. Although vendor selection is an important step, I hope this information will be useful for board game developers looking for a partner. Even if your encounter some problems your current board game factory cannot solve, it is ok to contact us via info@wingogames.com for free consultation.