Board Game manufacturer and shipping expert

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Wingo~ not only your board game manufacturer, but A shipping experts!

If you can not get a container on time at a reasonable freight cost from your shipping agent. Do remember to talk to your WinGo project engineers. WinGo Games will offer better choice and strong support to help you through the sea shipment trouble.


Nowadays, the global sea shipping status is struggling in hot water. The epidemic situation in many overseas countries is severe. Labor shortages and local port delay makes the situation even worse. Containers are piled up like a mountain in many oversea ports However major ports in China are often troubled by lack of containers and shortage of containers. Thus container prices are soaring all the time. Freight cost of some routes have even increased by nearly 10 times, and it is still hard to get a container.


Even under such situation, WinGo Games keeps an average of 3-4 containers shipment per day owing to the stable cooperation with premium sea shipment forwarding companies for over 20 years. We can always provide the best solutions for our customers.



Always remember WinGo Games is not merely a competent board game manufacturer. We will do more to benefit our partners. Together we grow, together we conquer, together we are the best friends.