WinGo Commendation Meeting Successfully Ending

Congratulation on the success of WinGo Industry Commendation Meeting for 2021-2022 year

In March 2022, WinGo successfully completed the 2021-2022 summary work of various departments including the financial department, production department, marketing department, etc, establishing the mission of each department, arranging the development plans, and managing the plans for 2022-2023. Meanwhile, the outstanding departments and outstanding employees of the previous year have been awarded. Let's congratulate them!

Outstanding department/individual commendation

2021-2022 Outstanding Employee-Hedy Wen (Marketing Department Sales supervisor)

Best Employee of Manufacturing Center - Ango Li
(Vice Director of Manufacturing Center) & Marketing Department – Kelly Liu (Project Engineer)
During the commendation activity, Chairman Leon of WinGo Games and Marketing director Mark delivered speeches respectively. Analyzed the current international situation, geopolitical risks, the impact of the epidemic, and arrange the company’s purpose of actively adjusting business strategy this year and lowering its business indicators, and instructed everyone to increase their awareness of the crisis, improve their personal skills, and reduce organizational expectations and reduce organizational operating costs. Respond to the current difficulties and challenges in the most efficient and safe manner. Build up the goal to be a world-class board game manufacturing enterprise and build an international team! Also, they shared the company's overview plan and marketing strategy of this year with all colleagues at the meeting, and encourage all colleagues to manage well their jobs and improve their skills accompanying together with the company to complete the annual task and mission. At the end of the commendation meeting, Chairman Leon congratulated all outstanding colleagues and thanked the efforts of all the colleagues.
Finally, as the May Day approaches, on behalf of WinGo and all colleagues, we would like to express our warm wish to all our friends and hope everyone enjoys a good holiday and takes a good rest thanks