WinGo Games at Gen Con 2022

WinGo Games at Gen Con

Dear friends and customers,

There is nothing or very little that is new in the world, the important thing is the different and new position in which an artist finds himself considering and seeing the things of so-called nature and the works that have preceded or interested him. And WinGo tries to make it from its works to tabletop games in the real world, transfer love and happiness.

Gen Con is right around the corner! WinGo is always ready to go. This time we will make great support to offer free samples to whom have the ideas of making their thoughts become tabletop games in the real world. Whats more, We will offer 2% free spare parts to the game companies & publishers. Our representatives will bring up small gifts as well as our warm wishes to meet up with you there. If you have any questions or inquiries please dont hesitate to contact your account manager or send emails to info@wingogames.com to schedule your appointment with us.

See you there soon!