WinGo Games Invited you at Essen Spiel 2022

Dear Friends,

Excited to let you all know SPIEL 2022, WE ARE BACK! After three years, WinGo is back! 

As a 14 years experienced artisan in board game manufacturing, we can’t wait to join in this world’s largest feast for board game lovers around the world. 

Our Marketing Director Mark Leung and his team will bring our sincere greetings and lovely gifts to share with you, and of course with our fruitful performance on board games. 

Key point friends, support comes! 
WinGo will offer free samples and 2% spare parts for every order during the Essen Fair. So if you have any upcoming projects or manufacturing plans, just drop us an email via info@wingogames.com to make an appointment in advance. 

Come and meet WinGo at 6H103 from 6th to 9th Oct.2022!