WINGO GAMES  shareholders meeting successfully launched

On May 20th, 2023, WinGo Games celebrated its 15th anniversary of WinGo Industry Ltd. and its 1st Session of General Meeting by all shareholders of WinGo Venturing Limited Partner Enterprise! This meeting is an opportunity for WinGo to review the company’s development history and look forward to the future, as well as an opportunity to show the company’s strengths and attract more talented people to join. Herewith we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported and paid attention to WinGo Games.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Leon, the founder of the company, with his overviewing of the company’s history and an introduction to the definition of equity and venturing. Equity in WinGo Venturing Limited Partner Enterprise(referred to as WinGo Ventures) , i.e., partner’s share options and/ or equity belongs to WinGo Ventures.

In this meeting, it’s re-emphasized the importance of the share option incentive scheme. The share incentive approach and venturing scheme will not only attract more talented people to the company, but also bring more income and returns to shareholders.

Shareholders are playing an important role in the company, and they are entitled to their corresponding rights and interests: each shareholder is entitled to the annual operating profit earned by WinGo Enterprise in proportion to their shareholding; they are entitled to the premium for their shares in WinGo Ventures and external capital operations; and they are entitled to other rights and interests in the Boards of shareholders stipulated under the Company Law, such as voting rights and vetoing rights.

WinGo Games welcomes more talented people to join our team so as to create an even brighter tomorrow. The company will continue to search for those talented and make assessments of team members, and it plans to take on more talented team members as partners after the release of its annual report in 2023. At the same time, the company will continue to expand the retail market section of its own brands, and enhance its equity price by absorbing external capital. These measures will bring more business opportunities and create a bigger room for the development of the company and will also provide a broader career development platform for its employees.

As “SEEKING TRUTH FROM FACTS”, and with in mind the moral RESPECTING HEAVEN AND LOVE OF PEOPLE,  WinGo Games is committed to creating an open, inclusive, and innovative work environment for its employees, where they are encouraged to develop freely, experiment bravely so as to achieve a co-progressing together with the company.

Let’s move on hand in hand, and make a better future together。